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Make Broth With Vegetable Clippings

Once you've been cooking your meals at home for a while, you'll start notice the giant piles of veggie clippings that end up in your trash. Stop wasting them! You can throw them in a compost bin, of course, but maybe you don't garden. Or maybe, like me, you cook so damn much that you end up with more clippings than will fit in your compost bin. That's when it's time to start storing them in a plastic shopping bag in the freezer. Then, once the bag is full and overflowing, it's time to make vegetable broth!

Homemade No-Rise Pizza Crust

If you're used to pulling your pizza crust out of a plastic wrapper, I strongly suggest you try making it yourself at least once. I know what you're thinking. It's a pain in the butt and it takes forever. Is it really worth it?

How to Press Tofu

Removing the extra water from tofu allows it to soak up other flavors more easily and gives it a denser, "meatier" texture.

Prepping Hot Peppers

The first time I cut up a bunch of hot peppers for a recipe, I woke up later in the middle of the night because my hands were on fire! Hot peppers have essential oils containing capsaicin. It causes a burning sensation, not only in your mouth, but on your skin as well. When chopping hot peppers, it's important to protect your hands. Trust me, if you skip this step, you'll later regret it.

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Making Your Own Seitan

Seitan is a tricky thing to make and can be a bit daunting at first, but you’ll start to get the hang of it after a few attempts. Before you know it, news of your expert seitan-making skills with pass through your circle of friends with fervor, turning you into a local celebrity.

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