Vegan Bread


Although the marketplace has come a long way in catering to vegans, bread is still one of those products that will make you do the old school vegan shuffle. You know what I mean: slowly ambling down the aisle with your head hung low, brow knitted in concentration as you scan list after list of ingredients, taking an item off the shelf, staring at it, putting it back, taking another one, putting it back...

Actually, it's not all that bad, especially if you know what types of bread to look for. The following kinds of bread are USUALLY vegan:

  • Baguettes
  • Ciabatta and Foccacia
  • Sourdough, Pumpernickel and Rye
  • Bagels

Avoid brioche, challah, potato and "Hawaiian" breads. They're made with eggs. Obviously avoid anything advertised as having cheese, butter or honey.

If you're looking for traditional soft sandwich bread, buns or rolls, keep an eye out for these brands:

  • Rudi's
  • Arnold
  • Natural food store brands like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's

Not ALL of the products made by the brands above are vegan, so you still need to read the labels before buying. Stay strong, good luck and keep shuffling!