Seitan is believed to be an ancient food invented by vegetarian Buddhists. It's a meat substitute that consists primarily of wheat protein (gluten) and typically has more protein per pound than tofu. 

Although home made seitan is tastier and less expensive, it can also be time consuming. If you're looking for a shortcut when making seitan recipes, you always have the option of purchasing the pre-made kind. The amount of seitan my recipes call for is roughly equal to 1 pound of store bought seitan. 

Where do I find seitan?

Seitan can occasionally be found in some conventional grocery stores, but you're more likely to find it at a natural foods store near the tofu.  

There are also many different types of wheat gluten based vegetarian meat products at Asian markets. They're often labeled something like "Vegetarian Chicken" or "Mock Duck" and you can find them frozen, refrigerated or canned.