Is sugar Vegan? 

Well, it depends. 

Some sugar comes from sugar cane and some comes from sugar beets. Unlike beet sugar, cane sugar is sometimes processed using a charcoal filtration method, which sometimes uses charcoal made from animal bones, a.k.a. "bone char". When you purchase most kinds of sugar, it is unclear whether or not that sugar is beet sugar or cane sugar and whether or not it was processed using bone char. For some vegans, that means conventional sugar is off limits. Others maintain that cane sugar does not actually include animal products and is still vegan. Whether or not conventional sugar is ok for vegans is really up to the vegan in question.

Luckily, I live near a grocery store that actually packages the beet sugar and cane sugar separately, so I just go ahead and buy beet sugar since it's an option for me. If you don't live near such a grocery store, you can often find vegan cane sugar from natural food stores (if that kind of thing is an issue for you.)