Vegetable Broth


Vegetable broth comes in many different forms, from powders to cubes to pastes. You can even make your own using leftover vegetable clippings.

It also comes in cartons, but I don't recommend using that kind. For some reason, cartons of vegetable broth always end up being very weak tasting by comparison. They're also expensive.

If I don't use cartons, don't I have to prepare it ahead of time?

Nope! Not usually, at least. Often broth is used in soups, sauces and other situations where you're already boiling some liquid. When a recipe calls for vegetable broth, I just add water instead, along with the necessary amount of bullion cubes/powder/paste/etc. The cubes/powder/paste dissolve on their own and get mixed in with the rest of the ingredients as the recipe cooks. Neat trick, huh?

Brands we use

  • Frontier (powder found in bulk)
  • Rapunzel (bullion cubes)
  • Better Than Bullion (paste)