Tofu is a product made from soy milk curds. It comes in many different forms and varieties of textures and has a long history in Asian cuisine. 

Where do I find tofu?

Tofu can be found in natural food stores as well as many conventional grocery stores. It is kept in a refrigerated area, often near the produce section. 

How do I store it? 

You'll notice that when you buy tofu, it comes vacuum packed and submerged in water. If you have uncooked tofu left over, keep it refrigerated in an airtight container full of water.

Brands we use

  • Soy Boy
  • Nasoya
  • 365 Organic

Is tofu bad for you because it has estrogen? 

There has been a lot of misinformation floating around lately about estrogen in soy products. Read more about it here.